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Gloria Lunn
January 22
Thank you,
Several years ago, when dealing with a death in my family, I prayed to find a safe, low cost service to call my loved ones in the UK. I googled my need and up, popped, It has been a huge blessing in my life. Thank you.
pat wilson
January 20
Very good very fair.
Very good very fair. Except that I paid 22 dollars before the monthly deal came into effect and no applying that to the deal.
Iason Nikolouzos
January 13
excellent service
what else should i say RingBritain is unigue!
January 11
Calling UK Cell phones from USA
I use this service to call cell (mobile) phones in the UK, from the US. I usually connect over wi-fi, and the combination works well. At 2.9 cents a minute, costs are very reasonable, although I have not done any searching for alternatives. This App just works, and calls do not cost much, so I plan to continue using it.
Henry Lynn
January 10
I have been using Ringbritain for many …
I have been using Ringbritain for many years now. It has been an excellent inexpensive service for calling relatives in Europe and the US. The keep calling app has also worked great while travelling in Europe to make calls when we have a wifi connection.
January 9
RingBritain is exelent good prize for …
RingBritain is exelent good prize for mobile phone to other countries
David Hall
January 8
been using Ring Britain for years
been using Ring Britain for years - works well - great service
Janet M
January 7
Ring Britain is easy to use
Ring Britain is easy to use - I have family in the UK and it's the best deal every.
Franck Chaligné
January 6
Overall a very good service
January 6
The Best
Easy, practical and not over priced !
January 4
Great service and fantastic prices
Great service and fantastic prices, though the line is often poor and breaks up. Been using a few years now.
Muhammad R Khokhar
December 29
call britain
excellent service,will recommend to anyone!!
Virginia Stover
December 27
I call my daughter in the UK every day …
I call my daughter in the UK every day so, at only 3 cents per minute to mobiles, is much appreciated!
Remington Jeffrey
December 27
easy to use
easy to use fast and safe way to ring family
Daxa Kara
December 27
Very good service
Very good service, love it
Linda Brooks
December 24
Great service and prices
Great service and prices so that I can ring my elderly Aunt in the UK very cheaply. Thanks for letting us keep in touch regularly.
Linda Squires
December 24
Wonderful - allows me to call family for such a reasonable rate. Always a good clear connection. Website easy to use. And minutes don't 'expire' if I don't use right away. Recommend to anyone - Thank you!
Jeremiah Moroney
December 24
Very reliable and very clear
Very reliable and very clear
Robert Jenkins
December 21
No problems
No problems - a first class service
Big Ben
December 20
Excellent customer service!!
A wonderful service.