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October 18
I always found site very EASY to reach and solve problems with them. I occassionally had to speak to an individual for matters I cannot resolve on online. The members of the have always treated me with respect and helped me. I would not hesitate to recommend my friends and associates to use the Thank You.
mike moulder
October 17
Very good value
Very good value - easy to use from any EU country to any other - not just UK
October 17
Long term happy customer!
I have been using RingBritain for at least 5 years .. and whether I am in the USA calling the UK or vice versa .. I have always found a local number to use and ease of connection. Thank you for this service!
bev g
October 15
excellent service and well priced
excellent service and well priced
Pratibha Sinha
October 14
Very good quality and good rate.
Very good quality and good rate.
Alan Mussell
October 11
Great service that beats…
Great service that beats everyone...Thanks
Gary - Houston
October 8
A great service!
Cheap, easy to use and high quality calls
October 5
Love, love, love Ring Britain
I have reviewed before and I will reiterate - I would be lost without Ring Britain because my boyfriend lives in Liverpool, UK and I live in Florida and we can only get together a few times each year - with the Ring Britain monthly plan and the virtual number - we are able to keep in touch any time during the day plus when we are extra lonely we Skype - we often say to each other how thankful we are for the current technology because when we first met years ago we would have been limited to letters and the odd telephone call because it was so expensive to call - still is - if you do not know about Ring Britain.
Bea Taylor
October 4
Great service
Great service, one doesn’t have to put up with commercials and there are no hidden catches, a boon for international callers. Fantastic value, would highly recommend. I have used the service for years with no problems.
Frank Hewitt
October 2
excellent service.
excellent service.
October 2
Does what it says on the tin
Easy to use, by far the best rates I could find, call quality is generally just fine
chris hawkins
September 29
excellent service highly recommended
excellent service highly recommended
Virginia Stover
September 28
Easy to use
Easy to use, inexpensive.
September 25
This service is great and I use it…
This service is great and I use it regularly when I am in the USA.
Linda Brooks
September 22
Very cheap to ring my elderly Aunt in…
Very cheap to ring my elderly Aunt in the UK and the connection is very good.
Howard Barrow
September 20
Never had any problems
Never had any problems. Can't rate the service too highly
a fan
September 18
Bring Britain is great value with no…
Bring Britain is great value with no expiry date and easy top up keeping same PIN and ID
September 16
Have used company for work calls to…
Have used company for work calls to India, South Korea, England and other countries. Economical and easy to use,
Terry Sudol
September 14
Very easy to use
Very easy to use, reasonable price and I like the fact that I can connect through a local access number instead of just the VoIP option, excellent for use on the mobile phone. Love the speed dial option as well.
Keith Tipple
September 14
Great service and very inexpensive.
Great service and very inexpensive. Well pleased.