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Alison Brown
June 17
Very east to use
Very east to use, never have a problem ringing the uk
June 17
Transatlantic Calls with Ease!
Whether I am calling from the UK to the USA or … I am back in the States and calling England … this service has never let me down and I can relax and talk for as long as I want without the fear of huge phone bills.
Nicola Wey
June 16
No problems at all
No problems at all, great value
Andrew McIntyre
June 15
Great! Great prices, always a very clear line, never any issues dialing through! It helps me keep in touch with my Mum, who's 90 years old.
Bernie Smith
June 13
Inexpensive and audio quality is…
Inexpensive and audio quality is normally excellent.
Mark Rennie
June 13
I have never had any problems with the…
I have never had any problems with the phonecard.
no name
June 13
Excellent service
Excellent service, lowest rates, clear conversations
sharleen farman
June 8
Great company never had any problems…
Great company never had any problems with service.
June 7
Excellent and clear connections…
Excellent and clear connections immediately. Very reasonable prices. I recently recommended Ring Britain to a new college graduate who has a summer job in London. Her friends & family here are delighted!
June 7
Ring Britain has been a godsend
Ring Britain has been a godsend. I reconnected with an old love last May 2017. I have the monthly package plus a virtual number for him to call me from the UK. Because we are unable to be together forever right now - but soon - we are able to talk to each other as many times a day as we feel necessary to keep us connected. (That is usually 6 times at the minimum). How great is that right? In the year since reconnecting he has traveled here twice and I am about to make my second trip next month - very, very, expensive to fly so the little amount I pay each month to Ring Britain is, like I said above, a godsend.
June 6
Cheap calls with good quality service.
Cheap calls with good quality service. I have been using Ring Britain for several years now, and I can call from any phone in Australia (landline or mobile) to any UK phone number. I can even use it to call my daughter during her trips to Europe as she uses a UK sim card while shes travelling. I highly recommend this service as it has saved me a fortune. It is also very convenient.
Christine Ikeazor
June 5
This app is wonderful
This app is wonderful. It makes life a lot easier if you tend to make international calls but don't have that as a feature of your cell phone plan.
Sara Aschmann
June 4
Easy to use
Easy to use. The cost of calling Mexico from the US much better using RingBritain.com
Joanne Rastas
June 4
The best ever
The best ever! Thank you Ring Britain. We don’t know what we would do without you!
June 3
I have not had any problems with this…
I have not had any problems with this company and am happy with the service given
Sandra Draper
June 2
Fabulous way to buy pre-paid phone time.
Fabulous way to buy pre-paid phone time.
Virginia Stover
June 1
Very reliable and great rates!
I have been using this service for a couple of years now and very happy with the service and low prices. Having a virtual number so my daughter can call me for just the price of a local call is great.
June 1
I used to pay Verizon a monthly…
I used to pay Verizon a monthly international rate of about $5.00 plus whatever minutes were used speaking and when i didn't make enough calls, would be charged a fee. I only make one call to England and Ring Britain is so much cheaper, the call clarity is perfect and I have never received a busy signal.
May 31
Excellent rates and site very easy to use
May 30
GO FOR IT; RingBritain!
Never a problem since I have used RingBritain. Easy to join, easy to use, easy on the purse!